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Therapeutic Music


 Five minute meditations based on hymn tunes

Mary Stevens has been recording daily five minute improvisations on hymn tunes for her church and community during the COVID 19 situation. These meditations are available to view on youtube.  

Arrangements based on these creative, meditative improvisations are being transcribed into written form, available for $5.00 each. Listed below are sample pages and links to the original recordings on which the arrangements are based.

All Creatures of Our God and King  Sample         All Through the Night   Sample        Doxology  Sample     

God Is So Good   Sample          Holy Manna  Sample         Kumbaya   Sample        Let us Break Bread Together   Sample  

  Lord I Want to Be a Christian   Sample          O Jesus I Have Promised   Sample            Shalom   Sample  

The Fire in the Bush  Sample

Contact Mary at for details on how to purchase the written music in PDF form. Keep checking back since more will be added as they are completed. 


Live Therapeutic Music Sessions

Mary Stevens, Certified Clinical Musician and owner/program director of Harp for Healing, LLC, offers remote therapeutic music sessions through Zoom or Skype. All that is required from the recipient is a reliable high-speed internet connection, a computer or smart phone with capabilities to receive and send video and audio using Zoom or Skype, and a comfortable chair or bed in which to relax in the comfort of your own home. Cost for the session is $20. 

The music for the session will last for approximately twenty minutes and will be unique to every recipient and every session. If you have a song or type of music that is particularly meaningful, Mary will attempt to incorporate that into the session. The improvised spontaneous music will be adapted to meet you in the current moment in your current condition, and the music will be modified to enhance your reactions to the music. If you become more relaxed, the music will relax with you. If you fall asleep during the session, that’s okay (it is the biggest compliment that you can give) and the music will gently support you. If you become more awake and alert, the music will follow your lead. This interactive, adaptive element of therapeutic music is what sets it apart from recorded music.

Who should receive a therapeutic music session? Almost anyone can benefit from a few minutes of music uniquely tailored to the individual.

·       People in a stressful situation.

·       People needing live interaction with another person.

·       People with health concerns.

·       People needing to relax or sleep.

·       People who are curious about what a “therapeutic music session” is like.

·       People who are grieving.

·       People who are anxious.

·       People who appreciate live music.

To schedule a live Zoom or Skype therapeutic music session  with Mary Stevens contact her at or schedule through the HarpforHealingLLC Facebook page